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Thank you EDS Community!

I just wanted to thank everyone in our Evergreen community for making our school such a wonderful welcoming place. Our teachers are creating loving, safe and enriching classroom environments for your children each day. Worries of the outside world are left at the door when we enter our classrooms, and the school is humming with positive energy all day long. Seeing your children waving and shouting hello as they pass Debbie and I in the office really makes our day joyful!

Behind the scenes, supporting every aspect of our school are parents who volunteer their time on so many levels. Two alumni parents are leading our future site construction project, while other parents on our school board are helping to lead the philanthropic efforts to support the future of our school. Other parents and one teacher are volunteering their time to plan workshops on anti-racism and social justice. And many other parents are helping to create community by organizing classroom gatherings, cheering on our teachers, and welcoming others just by taking the time to stop and chat at drop off and pick up. Additionally a group of parents are working on advertising and marketing, getting the word out to others about enrollment and our new space.

I see ALL OF YOU and am grateful for all of your time and effort supporting our school.

Chris Foster
Director of EDS

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