Evergreen welcomes the involvement of families in our program and believes that involvement and ongoing communication between school and family is essential to children’s positive development and self-esteem. Throughout the year there are many opportunities to become involved in the school’s curricula and special activities.

Evergreen recognizes the demanding schedules parents have, so we have provided a variety of opportunities and, of course, there is no required involvement.

Fundraising/Community Building
Evergreen’s fundraising helps support teacher and child enrichment programs, financial assistance and provides other support to the school. Past fundraising events have included an auction, bowling event, cocktail party, and family concerts. Community Building events such as a “Bring Your Own Pumpkin” decorating party are planned and hosted by this group to provide opportunities for families to meet and socialize.  We are always open to new ideas! This committee is a great way to meet EDS parents from different classrooms.
Room Parent

It is helpful for each classroom to have one or two room parents.  Typically, they serve as the liaison between teachers and parents to help share information.  They also help to build community within each classroom.  

This year, it will be to organize a couple of virtual gatherings until pandemic conditions improve and organize class gifts for teachers.

Parent Resources


Substitute Teacher
Parenting experience is all that is needed. We will train. Would you like to assist a classroom teacher if someone is out sick or at a professional training?
Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is made up of parents along with the EDS Directors. Meeting approximately monthly during the school year with occasional email correspondence over the summer, they are instrumental in making decisions related to school policy and direction (budgeting, infrastructure, etc.). Evergreen’s Board of Trustees looks to the school community for new members with expertise in certain areas, such as finance, legal, human resources, fundraising/community building, etc. If interested in obtaining information about a Board position in any capacity, please contact EDS Director, Chris Foster.


Evergreen Day School teachers lead daily virtual circle times until school can reopen.



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