Children at EDS develop at their own pace with the guidance and support of loving, dedicated and experienced teachers. Through visual arts, drama, music, movement, storytelling, language arts, science, and mathematics, children learn to interact with their environment as problem-solvers.

Individually and in small groups, they are engaged in the school’s listening and library centers, water and sand tables, blocks and puzzles, games, music center, playground, and more. There are places in each classroom for children to curl up with a book, a doll, or another friend in quiet play: to act out a favorite story or a spontaneous drama: to paint, draw, write and build; and to come together as a community of friends.



  • Five spacious and bright classrooms
  • A library
  • Motor room
  • Kitchen
  • Office area


  • We have use of a large city playground with a paved court and a ball field
  • Ample parking with a security guard to ensure safe parking and access


Prior to each school year every child:

    • Receives a personal in home visit with one of the classroom teachers
    • Is invited to visit the classroom during our open house

During the school year communications include:

    • A parent teacher conference twice a year
    • Daily communication sheets from your child’s classroom
    • Monthly newsletters from the classrooms
    • Monthly newsletter from the Director


Regular Morning Program

Monday through Friday, from 8:30am to 12:30pm, including lunchtime. As you determine a permanent schedule, you may request the days your child attends from two to five mornings per week.

Extended Day

Offered Monday through Friday, from 12:30pm to 3pm or 12:30pm to 4pm. You may register your child for the Extended Day option for any or all of the days s/he attends the regular morning program.

Early Arrival

Offered Monday through Friday 8:00am – 8:30am. You may register your child for the Early Arrival option for any or all of the days s/he attends the regular morning program.

Flex Option

In the event there are openings in our Morning Program, Extended Day, or Early Arrival, you may have the option to add school time on a “flex” basis.

For more detailed classroom schedules, please visit our classroom curricula page and download our detailed curriculums.

Classroom Curricula



Each team of teachers provides a child-centered learning environment, taking into account the children’s interests when planning their curricula.

Orange Room - Youngest Toddler Room
  • 9 Children to 2 Teachers
  • The Orange Room curriculum is developed for young toddlers. The main goal is to provide a safe, comfortable and fun environment for children to learn and grow within. In most cases, it is the child’s first experience in a school setting.
  • We focus initially on separation and the child’s adjustment into a group setting. We try to help each toddler to respect each other, work on self-help skills, and explore his/her environment. We accomplish this by assisting toddlers in their daily interactions with each other by listening and responding to their emerging language, and by providing appropriate choices of activities to encourage experimentation. Our priority in the Orange Room is for the children to become confident in their abilities in a safe and nurturing environment.

Download a more detailed curriculum and daily schedule.

Yellow Room - Toddler Room
  • 9 Children to 2 Teachers
  • The Yellow Room is often a child’s first experience in a school setting and our first priority is to provide an environment that feels nurturing and safe. We adhere to a daily routine to provide predictability to a child’s day, with an emphasis on process and open-ended activities.
  • Although we encourage children to experience diverse activities, we respect their desire to make choices and experiment in a way that is meaningful to him/her. Overall, our Yellow Room curriculum enhances the physical, cognitive, emotional and social development of each child.

Download a more detailed curriculum and daily schedule.

Purple Room - Youngest Preschool Room
  • 13 Children to 2 Teachers
  • In the Purple Room, children make sense through “doing” and in play, they can be in charge and do their own thinking as well as learn how to enter into play with other children, negotiate the direction of play, and show empathy.
  • We encourage the extension of children’s language through modeling, waiting and listening, scaffolding, asking open ended questions and most importantly, using the opportunities embedded in the play situations. Learning songs, finger plays and games at circle time is another avenue towards language fluency. Overall, children in the Purple Room are beginning to explore and manipulate their physical and social world.

Download a more detailed curriculum and daily schedule.

Green Room - Preschool Room
  • 16 Children to 2 Teachers
  • The Green Room provides a place where children learn to listen to one another, respect each others feelings, and work out problems. We explore the world in a variety of ways, including art, science, dramatic play, stories, singing, and outdoor activities. The classroom is set up into distinct areas with materials that are designed to facilitate the children’s exploration and manipulation of their physical and social world.  At the completion of the school year, some Green Room children move on to the Blue Room and some will go to Kindergarten.
  • We participate in daily activities such as reporting on the weather, learning about the days, weeks, and months through counting and patterning on the calendar, singing songs and listening to stories. The children explore the world in a variety of ways, including art, science, dramatic play, stories, singing, and outdoor activities.

Download a more detailed curriculum and daily schedule.

Blue Room - Pre-Kindergarten Room
  • 16 Children to 2 Teachers
  • The main priority in the Blue Room is to continue a developmental curriculum and prepare children for ongoing learning experiences. The classroom is designed so that children are free to explore a variety of activities in certain designated areas. We participate in daily activities such as weather recall, calendar and patterns, and singing songs.
  • Children are encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas, and to take part in various brainstorming activities such as creating a class book, thinking of new class themes, and being involved in various story recall projects. Overall, we focus on self-help and social skills while nurturing the interests of the students in an emergent, theme-based curriculum.

Download a more detailed curriculum and daily schedule.

Extended Day
  • Extended Day is offered from 12:30-3:00pm or 12:30-4:00pm, Monday through Friday following the child’s participation in the morning program.  Parents wishing to enroll their child for this program must register in advance to guarantee a space.  For an occasional “flex extended day” open to all age groups on a space available basis, please register in the office.
  • The extended day program strives to meet the needs of the children, providing a period of sleep/rest for younger children, as well as sleep/rest/quiet play activity period for preschoolers.  Varied quiet activities are provided for “early wakers” in all classrooms.  Depending on enrollment, preschoolers may be organized into “napping” or “resting” rooms.
  • Along with a school-provided afternoon snack, the extended day program may include gross motor room or outdoor play, a visit to our school library, or a story snuggled up with a teacher.

Download a more detailed curriculum.



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