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Evergreen Day School provides a developmental early care and education program for toddlers to five year olds. Founded by Kate Duffy in 1989, EDS offers children a safe and nurturing place to grow, question, and explore their world. Our staff is committed to helping each child uncover and develop his or her own unique abilities. We believe that supporting young children’s natural curiosity builds a foundation for joyful learning.

Evergreen Day School strives for a diverse student and staff population. We accept children, families, and staff of any race, religion, sexual orientation, cultural heritage, political beliefs, marital status, national origin, and disabilities.


At EDS, we want young children to develop a healthy and enriching first school experience through a diversified, integrated and child-centered program.

Evergreen recognizes the developing needs of all children while celebrating their individuality. Our rich curriculum strives to meet the social, emotional, physical and intellectual needs of each child. Collaboration with educational specialists provides the support, services and resources for children with varying needs and abilities and their families.

The school has a committed, responsive and nurturing staff who create a professional atmosphere where open communication and collaboration flourishes. Evergreen is dedicated to creating a rich preschool experience, which fosters budding social skills and lays the foundation for a lifetime love of learning.


As an independent non-profit preschool, Evergreen has a Board of Trustees comprised of parents and the EDS Directors.

Evergreen Day School operates as a school year program, mid-September through mid-June.  We observe all major holidays including Winter recess, February recess and April recess. In addition, EDS is closed two days each year to provide parent-teacher conferences, and one Teacher Professional Development Day.  During the summer, we operate an 8 week summer program.



#1 Preschool in Cambridge for the 6th consecutive year!


Accepts toddlers – 5 years old


Student to Teacher ratio ranges from 9:2 to 16:2


EDS is a school year program with optional summer program.


Flexible days and hours


Classroom Size ranges from 9-16 children


Monthly enrichment programs include Music, Yoga, Spanish, Movement, and Habitat.


Large facility with both indoor and outdoor play spaces


Team teaching


On site parking


Engaged parent community


Daily classroom communication

Administration & Teachers


Evergreen’s administrative staff is actively involved in the daily routine of the school and contributes to the program’s overall vitality. They are frequently in the classrooms and it is a special treat for the students to visit them in the office.

Debbie Fay

Director of Finance and Operations


Christina Foster




One of the hallmarks of EDS is the quality and care of our teaching staff. Evergreen’s dedicated teachers are professionals who are trained and experienced in the field of Early Childhood Education. All teachers are D.E.E.C. certified and many of them hold a BA or MA degree. In addition, they continue their education through staff seminars, workshops, and coursework. Evergreen is proud of its low turnover rate and actively strives to retain our quality staff.

Jeanne Akasten

Sandy Hafner

Theresa Brown

Lisa Healion

Tony Garita

Takara Jacques

Dawn Palmer

Dona Panzetta



799 Concord Ave
Cambridge, MA 02138
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